Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mmm... Iced Green Tea

So, today I was inspired by a post I found over at for a Chai Latte Soap. Those little cups o' tea were so cute and while they used CP over there, I used a little bit of my remaining M&P soap to create a different version.

It looks so nice, cool, and refreshing don't you think? Made with BB Clear Base with some Sunflower oil added to it (I find the Clear base needing extra moisturizing power) and just a little bit of Green Tea Extract (yay! for anti-oxidants!). I made ice cubes with no color and scented strictly with Green Tea FO and then the “liquid part” also has Matcha Tea FO in it (it’s got a more floral and fruity scent to it, even though it is a green tea in it’s own right) and has a little bit of green pigment and cappuccino mica for coloring.
These soaps are a huge 10.5 ounces! Wow! (I just weighed them to add the info and I am surprised they’re that huge!)
So one last picture so you can hopefully see the icecubes better!

Stay cool everyone!

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  1. Cool~ The ice cubes made it realistic, I thought I was looking at liced green tea!