Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hair DIY-saster, maybe

So, yesterday, I got the want to start working on my hair... I figured, since I'm not working, I can go ahead and attempt to put some funky colored streaks in my hair (I was thinking blue). But my hair is a really dark brown/black, so I knew I needed to lighten it first. I found Feria brand hair lightener on the store shelves and decided to try it out. So, umm... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:



My hair went varying shades of blonde, orange, red, brown, and black... I'm... um... astounded... Well, I wanted funky hair... I just don't know if it's good or absolutely horrible... I kind of like it, but am afraid to try a redye as I ended up losing chunks of hair last night while washing the dye solution out of my hair :( All I know is I'm stuck with this look for a little while at least 'cause I don't want to actually kill my hair by dyeing it again any time soon.


  1. You want funky and you got it!
    I don't think it's that bad, I like the vibrant colors! And pony tail will be good for soaping! And and makes you look younger for bonus benefit.

  2. Oh this is cute ... I have done all kinds of things to my hair at home ... sometimes good, sometimes not so good :) If you're really not sure about it, wait a week or so. The color will settle down and you'll get more comfy with the new look. If you then decide you don't like it, I'd suggest using a "semi-permanent" dark brown to even out the color. It's less damaging and less risky to your hair. I'd probably pick a neutral brown (NOT golden/red/auburn/etc) for that as you already have a lot of warm tones which will probably come through anyway. (Um, yeah, I used to work in the cosmetics dept of a drugstore ... I'm a junkie.)

  3. What product did you use?