Friday, August 12, 2011

Bramble Berry's SOAP Panel- Fall 2011

Hi everyone!
It's that time of the year for Bramble Berry to pick out a small panel of soapers to test out their new fragrances for their shop! This past spring my good friend, Emily over at Shieh Designs, was picked to participate on the SOAP Panel and she had so much fun! Check out her final results by clicking on the following image!

Bramble Berry is the first soap store I have ever used for soaping supplies. My very first purchase included their Swirl Soap Kit and a two pound batch of their Oatmeal Melt and Pour (I really wish they would bring this product back!!). I recently have been stepping out and trying other supply stores but these other stores just can't compete with the quality of products and customer service over at Bramble Berry. I always highly recommend Bramble Berry to any new soapers on the various forums I belong to and here's a couple reasons why:

I absolutely love their Melt and Pour bases! I would have to say that their Aloe Vera and Shea butter M&P bases are just top notch. They have great lather, lots of bubbles, and leave my hands feeling silky smooth. The best part about these bases is that they don't contain many of the chemicals that bases from other soap suppliers do!

Aloe Vera M&P...............Shea Butter M&P

I'm also in love with their fragrances (though I haven't been able to try their essential oils, yet). All of the fragrances that I have bought from Bramble Berry are super strong smelling out of the bottle which is something that I prefer! Bramble Berry may not have quite the fragrance oil list as some other suppliers but because they test their products through their customers first (ie. SOAP panel), they are able to pick and choose the best fragrances to add to their product line! This also allows them to put down information as to discoloration, acceleration, fading, etc. for each of their fragrance products- something very useful when deciding which fragrance to buy!

However, I think my most favorite thing from Bramble Berry (and most helpful) is their blog SoapQueen, forum, and their internet videos at SoapQueen TV. These sites are stuffed full of invaluable information for business-makers, new recipes and techniques to try out, and if it weren't for Anne-Marie and her wonderful instructive videos I probably wouldn't have had the guts to even try M&P soaping let alone CP soaping!!

I may be new to the soap-making community (my first M&P batch was in April and my first CP batch was in May) and, like many soapers, it was love at first batch but I've spent every day since then learning new tips, tricks, and techniques that aid in this new addiction -er, hobby with which I hope turn into a business some day. However, I would definitely had not gotten as far as I have without the help and great products from Bramble Berry. I will be a customer of theirs for life and wish to give something back by helping them pick out the best fragrances in this SOAP panel! Thank you Bramble Berry!

Uranus M&P Soap..................Goat's Milk CP Soap

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