Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3rd CP batch (with a friend!)

My friend, Katie, came over to play with me and my son today :) Somehow I roped her into trying out a batch of CP with me :) She decided to try out some Chai Tea scented soap, and I wanted to try out a soap using shortening that I had picked up yesterday.

This is the recipe:
Walmart GV Shortening (all-vegetable) 9 oz
Sunflower Oil 6 oz
Olive Oil pomace 3 oz
Coconut Oil, 76 deg 9 oz
Castor Oil 3 oz

Got all our supplies ready:

And started getting to work!

That's a proud Katie with her finished soap (this was her first time soaping!)

And here's a closeup of the soap before we ruined it in the oven, lol:

We popped it in the oven to do CPOP and it ended up overheating within 20 minutes! Gasp! No! I checked in on it and it had bloated up kind of like an air mattress :(

Luckily I caught it before it could do anything really bad, like explode in the oven sending soap all over the place! So, I turned the oven off and let it cool down in there. Eventually it evened out in its bloated state before settling down. And now it has this weird texture on top that we're probably going to cut off later down the road if it still turns out to be usable >_< Haha! Adventures in soaping, truly!

I can't wait to be able to cut this and see if it's alright or if it separated under that weird layer there...

I also have the results from my Pringles can molds. The top row of soap is from the can that I had left on my counter, covered with towels. It turned this icky green color :( And you see the ones with the large hole in the middle. I was expecting there to be a lye liquid inside (means a botched batch of soap) but it was dry and no liquid was inside, yay! They aren't round either :( It looks like a LOT of air got trapped in that can (it was the second to be poured so it was slightly thicker than the first can...
The bottom row is the soap I had placed in the refrigerator. It kept its original color from when I poured and you can still see the pink swirls in it. I probably should have waited a day longer to unmold this one because one side flattened a bit as I was cutting it.

I do notice that the set I had put in the fridge has a much stronger scent than the one I left on the counter...

After all these, I think I'm preferring the non-gelled soaps a bit more, so I might be keeping my soaps cold for a couple more tries :)

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