Friday, May 27, 2011

Fiber Friday - Combining days

So... once again I missed out on Trinket Thursday... I had a pounding headache all day and thankfully today, it has disappeared! Anyway, I thought maybe I could make up for it by combining Trinket Thursday and Fiber Friday by inundating you all with some Fiber Jewelry!
Just like any other jewelry style, fiber jewelry is made with all sorts of different fibers: fabric, yarn, thread, natural and synthetic fibers... and comes in all sizes. I'm not one for the really large style jewelry so a lot of what I will show is more along the lines of things I like... simple, elegant, small, with just a slight bit of spunk added in the mix! I'm being a little lazy at the moment and will probably come back to edit this post later tonight, but I invite you to visit my Fiber Jewelry board over at Pinterest to see all the loverly jewelry :) Plus, more will be added in the future!

And then, of course, the obligatory update of the Tom Baker Dr. Who Scarf ^_^

Currently sitting at 2'2" and 227/1042 rows which is about 22% done. This is going to take over a month to complete >_< And I think I made it a bit too wide (it's 55 stitches wide... probably should have made it more around 40 stitches wide) but I've put so many hours into it, I think I would cry if I frogged it and started all over... herm

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  1. Looking beautiful! Don't worry, you still have... 4 month till fall, you have time to get it done!