Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sudsy Sunday - Second CP Batch

Hey guys- looky, two posts today! (Well, kinda, it's now midnight here...) Anyway, I managed to find some time to try another CP batch. Not sure how this one is going to turn out and I already don't like it because I used my least favorite scent in it (what better way to test out CP than with a scent you don't like ^_^;;). So, I'll start you off with my recipe:
Coconut Oil, 76 deg 11.2 oz
Olive Oil pomace 6.4 oz
Sunflower Oil 6.4 oz
Olive Oil 3.2 oz
Castor Oil 4.8 oz
teeny tiny bit of Berrywine FO (it just smells too much like wine for my taste, though I know other people really enjoy the smell).

The reason why I have the pomace and regular olive oil is because my regular olive oil is green, I have a lot more of it than the pomace but I didn't want my batch to have a green tint to it.

My mold: two Pringles cans, woot! Gonna try them out today.

I mixed my lye water and got my oils ready and didn't overheat them this time! Yay! Learning from mistakes is fun ^_^

So here I've poured my lye water into my oils already and I wanted to show you what saponification looks like (if you haven't seen it already). Sorry for not speaking throughout the video- I was concentrating on holding the camera steady with one hand and using the mixer with the other hand >_< That's also why I was being so timid with the mixing and why I put the camera down once it started to get thicker. I needed my camera hand to hold onto my bowl and get the rest of the oils hanging out on top mixed in.

So, I didn't get any pictures after this because I accidentally blended too long and got to a medium trace (decently thick) and since I was planning to swirl, I needed to work fast. I scented with Berrywine and spoon mixed the scent in, then separated out a little bit of the soap into another bowl and tried coloring it with some red liquid colorant, but I don't think CP soap likes liquid colorant. Instead of getting a smooth consistency of color the color seemed to turn into little granules mixed in around the soap. I don't know how to describe it... anyway, I was going for a pinky color... the other part I tried for a purple color, but it didn't take so well, either... I did the in-the-pot swirl technique where you pour the smaller amount of colored soap back into the big pot of soap and stir it once around with a spoon before you pour into the mold. Placed my Pringles cans in the sink and poured the soap in.

My camera really pooped out on me when I tried taking a picture of the swirled soap, so this is the best picture I have to show. You can kind of see the pink swirl in there...

Well, this recipe (total weight came to be just under three pounds) filled 1 1/2 Pringles cans. So, one is sitting on my counter away from prying little fingers covered with some Cling wrap and two towels. The other one is actually sitting in my refrigerator. Someone said you can put soap in the fridge to keep it from gelling (not necessarily a good or bad thing). So, in a couple of days, I'll rip them out of their molds and show you what they look like cut!

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