Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fiber Friday - Back in the Saddle

Ok- so incredibly sorry for the major delay on this new blog. I finally got a suitable compromise worked out with the people who have been causing me the most stress I've felt in a long while so now that that's over (hopefully), I shall be getting to our regularly scheduled program! Woot! That being said, my crafting finances have gone down to $0, so I will be forced to use only those crafting materials that are currently on hand. I view this as a great opportunity to become really really creative with what I have :) And don't worry, I have plenty of material on hand to last quite a long while!

So, this week's Fiber Friday is actually thanks to one of my friends who requested a special item from me :)

Here are some hints:
1. The yarn he had bought for the project:

BTW, I love the "I Love This Yarn" brand. It's acrylic, so it's much cheaper than say, wool, but it still feels very soft and you can wash it without worrying about it felting! Woot! Win all around :)

2. It's a knitted item.

3. It's an item found on the main character (well, one of his many manifestations) in a TV show that has been running since 1963.

Any ideas?

Well, if you guessed Tom Baker's scarf from Doctor Who, you are sooo right!

I got the pattern from The Doctor Who Scarf and my friend decided he wanted the first incarnation of the scarf. So, now I will sit down and knit knit knit for hours on end, while taking breaks of course, to keep working on this blog and setting up my new shop and working on my other crafting obligations!

And if you don't believe me that this scarf will take up most of my time in the next month, this is how far I've gotten in about 4 hours of work:

I'm a very slow knitter :( But at least the pattern is extremely easy! The only stitch used in this is... the knit stitch (this is also known as the garter stitch). So, I shall be getting lots of practice in and hopefully become really super fast as I get my knit on! This will also give me lots of time to rewatch the new Doctor Who series and possibly get into some of the older episodes that have made their way on to Netflix.
So, wish me speediness and I'll give you progress reports as I get through the colors!

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  1. Oh boy~ Are you going to knit 10 feet long?! Very brave, and love the color combo.